Quotes from Former Clients & Employers
Larry Talley

Larry thank you so much for the time and energy that you and your staff graciously offered our department. Bob Kohr, Joe Winters and I commonly agree that a lot of information was picked up which will be quite helpful to us in furthering the effectiveness of our loss prevention program here at Marriott. The professional way you approach security management was eventful and many factors were picked up which will ultimately help reduce our loss potential.

James A. Moyer
Director, Loss Prevention

The Marriott Corporation
Washington, D.C.

Larry over the years you have contributed to the growth and success of our company. We are grateful for your loyalty, dedication, and invaluable contribution to the success of Days Inn.

Dean Day Smith
Chairman of the Board

Cecil B. Day Companies, Inc
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Mr. Leven: During the trial of the Sharkey suit against Days Inn Larry Talley was most helpful, and I am sure that his help in defending the 1.9 million lawsuit was part of our successful defense. I think Days Inn benefits greatly in utilizing Mr. Talley’s professional and investigation ability to the upmost in lawsuits of this kind. I was most impressed by Mr. Talley.

Morton G. Forbes
Attorney at Law

Ranitz, Mahoney, Forbes & Coolidge, P.C, Savannah, GA.

Dear Mr. Forbes: I want to take the time to acknowledge your letter regarding Larry Talley’s involvement during the trial of the Sharkey lawsuit. Mr. Talley is a true professional. We are fortunate to have a man of his caliber on our staff and we want to assure you he has our continued support as we go forward.

Michael A. Leven

Days Inn of America, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.

I have known Larry Talley for over forty years. Starting when he was hired at Days Inn of America, Inc. at the time was the nation’s fifth largest lodging chain. Larry served as the Vice President of Security & Safety from 1976 to 1986. Many of the security and safety measures and programs he implemented at Days Inn are considered as standards in the lodging industry today. Since leaving Days Inn Larry has consulted with my present company, The Kessler Collection, in assisting to design security measures for our hotels, conducted security seminars for my management staff and acts as a personal adviser to me on various security and safety matters. I highly recommend Larry Talley, as a security and safety consultant, to anyone involved in the lodging industry and any other business in need of such services.

Richard Kessler
Chairman and CEO of The Kessler Collection and Former Chairman. President and CEO, Days Inn of America, Inn.

I have been practicing law for over thirty-four years and have tried into the hundreds of cases. I am Board Certified in trial and as a result I can truly say, that as an Expert Witness, Mr. Larry Talley, stands amongst the handful of the best and most impressing expert witnesses I have had the privilege and pleasure to direct in my career. In 1994 in the first premises liability hotel rape case I presented to a jury, Larry Talley was so impressive that following the significant verdict rendered in favor of the victim, both the Jury and Judge requested copies of his book: “Are You Really Safe?. The Judge insisting to Larry that he be given an autographed copy something I have never seen since in my career. Mr. Talley thoroughly prepares for his appearance and insists on being involved in the lawyer’s preparations and discovery including providing help in preparing questions and topics for key witnesses. I can’t say enough about what Larry Talley brings to the credibility of one’s case, and the conveying of the righteousness of the cause before the jury. I wholeheartedly recommend Larry Talley as your premises security expert or consulting expert.

Eric H. Faddis, Esq.
Senior Litigation Attorney Dan Newlin & Partners

You are the best in the world at what you do and no one can take your place. Our firm looks forward to a continued relationship with you, and still hopes to have the opportunity to again someday working with you.

Howard F. Twiggs
Attorney at Law Twiggs, Abrams, Strickland & Terry

Larry you have helped hundreds of individuals and have also helped to clean up an industry which needed to be reformed.

Brain E. Krapf
Attorney at Law Ashman, Lasky & Cooper

Larry again thank you for your help on the Holiday Inn case in Torrance, CA, where a group of police officers were attending a police management meeting at the above mentioned hotel. During the meeting a gunman who intended on committing an armed robbery, busted into the meeting room full of off duty police officers shot and killed two of the officers. As you know the case settled for $5 million dollars. Due to your assistance in the case along with Professor Dan Kennedy we felt we had hired the two best experts in the United States. We have told everybody what a great job both of you had done not only in assisting us in the preparation of the case but the outstanding testimony given at trail.

Samuel A. Kessal, Jr
Attorney at Law. Kessal, Young & Logan

Larry you have certainty been a well respected leader in the field having helped develop the law in a straight forward fashion.

Briggs Smith
Attorney at Law Smith, Phillips, Mitchell, Scott & Rutherford

Larry professionally we could ask for no better consultant than you.

Mark D. Lumpkin 
Attorney at Law Minor & Associates

Larry you have certainly built a tremendous reputation in your field and your testimony has not only helped many victims but has made many properties safer for the consuming public.

Joseph A. Fried
Attorney at Law Henry, Spiegel, Fried, & Milling

Larry you are an incredible expert and you must be very proud of your accomplishments. I can’t ever image how many people are now safer because of your good work. Thank you for your good work and dedication.

Jennifer Barnes 
Attorney at Law – Barnes Law

I had the pleasure of having Larry Talley serve as a Military Police Criminal Investigator while I was the Provost Marshal at Fort Benning, GA. Larry was the honor graduate of the Military Police Criminal Investigation School at Fort Gordon, GA. I also had knowledge of his exemplary work while assigned to Detachment “C”, 8th MP Group (CI) during his second tour of duty in Vietnam, during 1968-1969, where he worked as a CID Agent, working on murder, rape, robbery, thefts and black market activities in the Saigon, Long Binh other areas of Vietnam. Prior to becoming an investigator Larry worked as a Uniform Military Police Supervisor and Desk Sergeant. While under my command at Fort Benning Larry served as Chief of the Military Police Criminal Investigation Division supervising as many as 30 Investigators. In complexed cases I could always depend on Larry to conducted a thorough investigation with positive results. Larry was an amazing interrogator and I cannot recall a case in which he didn’t get a confession from a guilty subject. On one occasion Larry through a confidential informer uncovered a plot by two armed soldiers to rob and kill a payroll officer and his driver of thousands of dollars. Larry and his partner at great personal risk to themselves took the place of the two intended victims and at the planned robbery and murder site disarmed the two suspects. Both received General Courts Martials. Larry received a Letter of Commendation, from the Commanding General of Fort Benning and myself. I selected Larry to be the Chief of the first of its kind undercover narcotics unit, where they were allowed to grow long hair, beards, and dressed the part of the drug culture. Larry and his hand picked team sometimes worked twenty four or more hours making daily related drug arrest. Their efforts made a major impact on military and civilian drug users and dealers. When Larry made the decision to leave the Army and take a job as an undercover narcotics agent with a civilian law enforcement agency in the Philadelphia area I tried to encourage Larry to stay in the Army. However he had a desire to go into civilian law enforcement. Prior to my retirement and afterwards I spoke to Larry on the phone occasionally and it is my understanding working without backup he was solely responsible for making over 100 purchases of narcotics from two outlaw motorcycle gangs. I would highly recommend Larry Talley for any position in law enforcement or the private security sector. During his military career Larry was a credit to the high standards of the Military Police Corps and the United States Army.

Col. Eugene Murdock
Retired Provost Marshal Fort Benning, GA

Chester County District Attorney announced today that some of the largest dealers in the country were arrested today for the sale of cocaine, hashish, marijuana, amphetamines and barbiturates. These were not the $20 bag type sellers but are in the $100 to $400 dealers and some were members of outlaw motorcycle gangs in the country. These arrests were the results of Larry Talley, a Chester County Detective, who had been working undercover. Due to the number of drugs concerned District Attorney Lamb said this was probably the biggest drug raid in the county, In the past 14 months 170 have been arrested for the sale of drugs and 115 of those arrested were for the sale of heroin. Talley has been in police work for over 9 years and was referred to by County Detective Lt. Paul Pennypacker as a top notice detective with excellent credentials.

Bill Lamb
District Attorney, Chester County, PA

Paul Pennypacker
Detective Lt. Chester County, PA


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