Document And Materials Requested


Documents and Materials Requested for Initial Case
Evaluation by Expert

  • Complaint
  • Answer to Complaint
  • Any Case Law Involving Premises Lawsuits in Your State
  • Any other Case Pleadings
  • Interrogations
  • Production of Documents Request
  • Motions to Produce any other Items
  • Deposition of Defendant and Plaintiff
  • All Depositions or Statements Taken to Date of Witnesses
  • Crime Report for Incident Involving the Defendant’s or Plaintiff’s premises 1 Mile Radius of Location where the Defendant(s)  or Plaintiff(s) Incident Occurred
  • Additional Crime Data may be required based on the surrounding neighborhood the subject premises is located
  • Any Photographs taken by the Police, Defendant or Plaintiff, Medical Personal or Witnesses to the Defendant or Plaintiff Immediately after Injuries were sustained
  • Any Photographs taken of the Crime Scene and Immediate Area by any Parties
  • Any Other Documents, etc. which Could Assist Expert in Rendering Opinions
  • A site visit of the premises will be necessary prior to rendering opinions in the case prior to preparing a affidavit, deposition or trial testimony

Note: Expert may request or suggest additional items after the initial case review and a site inspection has been conducted.