Our Mission

Our Mission


The Phoenix Group, LLC. and Larry Talley’s mission is to provide their clients with the highest standards of professional Expert Witness & Litigation Support in the field of premises security to business owners, defense and plaintiff attorneys.

Larry’s goal is to strive to offer ethical, integrity, moral principles, professionalism, competence expertise and unbiased opinions to his clients.

Larry feels very strongly that any individual that offers themselves to have the qualifications and expertise as a expert witness or security consultant should possess the same goals.

If a person offers their services as a expert witness in a premises security lawsuit and offers false qualifications and expresses opinions under oath in affidavits, sworn depositions or trial testimony the court should disregard their opinions and impose the strictest punishment allowed under law for perjury against that individual and banned from ever testifying again as a security expert in federal or state courts.

One such individual, a former employee of Larry Talley & Associates, knowingly falsified their applications as to their qualifications and references to obtain professional designations. If this person had been properly investigated and witnesses allowed to testified there is no doubt they would have been disqualified to hold such designations.

This same individual has since embellished their CV which included false security experience and claims to have served in a combat zone during the Vietnam War. His lies about his service in-county during the Vietnam War is such an ingenious and unconscionable act to all the men and women who have served in a combat zone and clearly can be classified as “stolen valor” under federal law.

Anyone who commits such ingenious and unconscionable acts while testify under oath is a discredit to anyone who has served in the military in combat zones and should be held accountable by the courts.

This same person by his own sworn deposition testimony testified that he only did “grunt work” while working for  Larry Talley & Associates which included answering the office phone, taking messages, making copies, purchasing office supplies, running errands, stocking the refrigerator and emptying the trash.

This person since 2000 has committed perjury in every affidavit, deposition and sworn testimony in federal and state courts while charging attorneys and their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Larry Talley feels that testifying as a security expert under oath is a privilege which should be allowed by persons who have gained their experience legitimately.