List of Articles, Papers & Books Written or Contributed to
By: Larry Talley
Dealing with Crime Prevention & Premises Security

  • “Days Inn is Serious About Honesty and Security”  Days World, July 1987
  • “How Secure is Your Property?”  Hotel & Resort Industry Magazine, May 1981
  • “Stopping Theft Dead in Its Tracks”  Lodging Magazine, May 1981
  • “Seminar Arms Days Inn Employees In Its Track”  Days World, September 1981
  • “Hotels Plagued With Liability Lawsuits Over Crime”  Lake City FL Newspaper, October 1981
  • “Security How Much Is Enough”  Lodging Hospitality Magazine, November 1982
  • “Days Inn Cuts Employee Thefts With Lie Detectors Test For All”  Hotel & Motel Management Magazine, January 1983
  • “Learning to Deal with The Difficult Customer”  Nation Restaurant News Magazine, August 1983
  • “Pre-Employment Screening”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, January 1984
  • “Theft of Guest Property”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, February 1984
  • “Guest Education”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, April 1984
  • “Security Measures Bring Days Inn Dramatic Crime and Cash Losses Reductions”  Reid Report Publication, Spring 1984
  • “How to Detect, Prevent & React to Drug Abuse”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, September 1984
  • “Polygraph Profession Supports Law That Would Require Training and Licensing”  The Atlanta & Journal Constitution, October 1984
  • “Special Report-Update on Closed Circuit Television”  Hotel/Security Management, January 1985
  • “Shultz and the Polygraph”  Human Events, January 1986
  • “Will Congress Ban Polygraph Testing”  Occupational Hazard News, February 1986
  • “Talley Gets Attention for Polygraphs”  Marietta Daily Journal, May 1986
  • “The Growing Need to Become Involved in Computer Security”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, July 1987
  • “Hotels Use Honesty Tests to Screen Seasonal Employees”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, August 1987
  • “Minneapolis Hyatt Restroom Rape Suite Settles with Hotel For 1.2 Million”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, June 1990
  • “Guest Stabbed by Former Employee Settles with Motel For 200,000 Dollars”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, June 1990
  • “Special Report: Condos and Co-Ops Handle Parking Problems and Security and Liability Problems”  Parking Lot Security Report, February 1991
  • “Security is Achilles’ Heel for Businesses”  Atlanta Business Chronicle, September 1991
  • “Are Lawsuits Foreseeable to Your Business”  Lodging & Hospitality Magazine, October 1991
  • “Motel-Gwinnett Woman Sues”  Gwinnett Home Weekly, March 1992
  • “Lawsuit at Heart of Debate on Safety of Inns Guests”  Memphis Business Journal, March 1992
  • “Jury Votes Record Award to Victim of Motel Lounge Slashing”  Hotel/Motel Security and Safety Management, April 1992
  • “Crime Media Drive Security Lawsuits”  Security Magazine, May 1992
  • “Are Hotel at Greater Risk for Punitive Damages”  Hotel/Motel Magazine, September 1992
  • “Nevada Jury Awards Beaten, Robbed Guest 5.8 Million Dollars”  Hotel/Motel Management, June 1997
  • “Crime Down in Atlanta Malls in 1997”  Atlanta Business Chronicle, December 1997
  • “Ask About Criminal Background Checks to Screen for Sec Offenders”  Professional Apartment Management, February 1998
  • “Repair Broken Doors and Locks Immediately”  Professional Apartment Management, April 1996
  • “Special Report: Behind the 5 Million Dollar Settlement in a Wrongful Death Case Lawsuit”  Hotel/Motel Security and Safety Management,  September 1998
  • “Atlanta Hilton Murders: Publicity Sprues Security, Liability Concerns”  Hotel/Motel Security Management, January 1999


  • “Pre-Incident Planning: Maintaining a Safe Environment”  Published & Lecture Given at The Defense Research Institute Meeting, January 1993
  • “The Role of An Expert in a Premises Security Case”  Published & Lecture Given at The Institute of Containing Legal Education in Georgia, October 1994
  • “An Overview of Investigation and Litigation Issues in Apartments and Condominiums”  Published & Lecture Given at The America Trial Lawyer’s Association National College of Advocacy, July 1995
  • “Inadequate Security: Office Buildings” Published & Lecture Given at The America Trial Lawyer’s Association National College of Advocacy, July 1996
  • “Using Security and Criminal Profiling Experts Wisely”  Published by The American Trail Lawyer’s Association & The Texas Trial Lawyer’s Association February 1997
  • “The Role of An Expert in a Premises Security Case”   Published & Lecture Given at The America Trial Lawyer’s Association National College of Advocacy, July 1997 (Revised from Original Paper Submitted in October 1994
  • “Evaluating an Inadequate Security Case-An Expert’s Perspective”  Published & Lecture Given at The Institute of Containing Legal Education in Georgia, November 1997
  • “The Role of a Security Expert”  Published & Lecture Given at The Professional Education Inc., (PESI), November 1997
  • “What I’ve Seen/What I Do-Expert Perspectives on Apartment and Hotel Security Cases”  Published & Lecture Given at The America Trial Lawyer’s Association National College of Advocacy, July 1998
  • “Expert’s Perspective on How to Evaluate and Prepare Inadequate Security Cases”  Published & Lecture Given at The Georgia Trial Lawyer’s AssociationNational, October 1998
  • “Perspectives from the Plaintiff’s Security Expert”  Published & Lecture Given at the Institute of Continuing Education In Georgia, November 1999


In April of 1994 Larry wrote his first book, “Are You Really Safe?” published by Longstreet Press, Atlanta, GA

“Are You Really Safe?” received national reviews and acclaimed by numerous attorneys and judges across the country as a being a blueprint to premises security lawsuit. The also included personal security and safety measures. In addition measures premises owners should undertake for the  safety and security of guests, business invitees and their tenants.

Larry is in the process of completing his second book “The Saigon Mafia” a fictional book based on true events that occurred  during his second tour in Vietnam, while working as a Criminal Investigator with the 18th Military Police Brigade, Company C (CID). This work concerns American service members numbering as high as 2000 or more deserting from their units as early as 1984. A large majority of these deserters migrated to Saigon where they ran a criminal enterprise making millions of dollars stealing military supplies, including weapons and ammunition, clothing, medical supplies and PX goods that included beer, liquor and cigarettes. All these goods were highly profitable on the black market and many ended up in the hands of the VC or the NVA. Some of these deserters were still uncounted for after the evaluation of all military personnel at the end of the war.

Larry is currently working on his third book on Apartment Security.